This is a dungeon and dragons campaign I am starting as an alternative to Matt’s very awesome weekday game. My primary focus for this is to have an awesome story driven campaign for people that don’t normally play D&D as well as provide Greg a game to play when he is in town and a game Matt can play without having to deal with running it. At most it will be run every other Sunday until the NFL starts back up.

As far as the story goes you’re going to be dealing with a time spanning mystery regarding the formation of the country, as well as your own missions as dictated by your backgrounds. The monsters are going to be very “classic” I.E. vampire, werewolves, zombies, gargoyles, ghosts, devils, thugs, Hannibal Lector and anything else I deem classic. I am loosely looking at a standard four hour session, approximately every other Sunday; with a main situation you are working to resolve by the end of the session and an overall story forming upon the results. I am used to a laid back time when playing that includes drinking and eating so that will be the case here too.

For those that are interested in trying it out and have never played D&D lately or never let me know and we will sit down drink (drinking is sort of a thing for me when doing anything dnd related) and create a character for you. Regardless of how much experience you have in the game you’re going to want to check out the backgrounds section of the wiki for 6 starting character backgrounds. If nothing in there really speaks to what you want to do when creating your awesome duder then I will happily talk it out with you and create something that does fit you.

More than likely this will kick off towards the end of May or June, I’ll figure out the time table based on who is interested and when everyone is available. Lastly for those of you that I included on this that don’t normally game with us, I wouldn’t have passed this on if I didn’t think 1) it’s a great time and 2) you would enjoy it. If you have any questions let me know.

Nentier Vale

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